My Collection of Shiny Pokémon (So Far)

So far in my blog I have discussed different techniques for obtaining shiny Pokémon in the Ultra Sun/Moon games of the series such as SOS Chain Battling, the Masuda Method, and just plain soft resetting. I can confirm from personal experience that EACH of these three methods work, but ultimately the only way you can be sure yourself is to go out and try one of the methods yourself and see if you have any success. Otherwise it is simply my word you have to trust. However, if my word isn’t enough for you, I just so happen to have proof that these methods have worked for me in the past. For this blog post, I will share a few pictures of some of the shiny Pokémon I have obtained so far and a bit of information for each one. These are NOT all of the shiny Pokémon I have obtained in the games. These are just the pictures I had on my Nintendo 3DS and was able to transfer over to my computer. The pictures were all taken using the “Photo Booth” feature in the Ultra Sun/Moon games.

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Shiny Hunting Methods in Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon – SOS Battle Chaining Guide

To continue my ongoing blog posts on shiny hunting methods in the Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon games, this time I will share a few tips on perhaps my favorite method of them all in the series. SOS Battling is a new form of battling wild Pokémon introduced and exclusive to the Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Moon games. SOS Battling occurs when a wild Pokémon “calls for help” and another Pokémon appears next to it and assists in the battle. sosbattle1This Pokémon “called-in” can be either the same Pokémon that called it, an evolved version of the existing Pokémon, or in rare circumstances an entirely different species of Pokémon. sosbattle2The battle itself changes from a single 1v1 battle to a 2v1 “handicap” battle, and the strategy for battling remains similar to a standard double battle in that moves such as Earthquake and Dazzling Gleam will impact both of the opposing Pokémon (assuming the move in question is effective). Otherwise, only one of the Pokémon may be defeated or targeted per turn. The mechanics involved in SOS Battling are complex; however, dedicated shiny hunters in the Pokémon community managed to analyze the game’s code and discovered that if an SOS battle is “chained” (repeatedly having the Pokémon call in help in the SAME battle), the ratios of the “called-in” Pokémon for features such as number of perfect IVs (which I will discuss in-depth in future posts), chance for a hidden ability, and EVEN the chance of the Pokémon being shiny. Check out this Reddit post that discusses in-depth how the ratios for a “called-in” SOS Pokémon can be manipulated by chaining the battle.

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Shiny Hunting Methods in Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon – Soft Resetting

In the Pokémon video game community, the term “shiny hunting” refers to any method of attempting to “force” a shiny Pokémon to appear (legitimately) in the games. Ever since the introduction of shiny Pokémon in the generation two releases of Gold/Silver and Crystal for the GameBoy Color, new methods of shiny hunting both complex and simple have been discovered for each of the franchise’s video games. Some of these methods “carry over” and can be used in some of the other games as well, while other methods are exclusive only to the game in which it was discovered. This is usually because the method in question takes advantage of a bug or other fault in the game’s programming code, and while some of these exploits have been intentionally left in the code by Game Freak developers over the years, others have since been patched in newer releases usually because of outdated code or potential for the fault to cause damage to the game. For the next few posts in my blog,  I plan to explain a few methods available for shiny hunting Pokémon in the most recent Ultra Sun/Moon games. But first, check out the following YouTube video from one of my favorite shiny hunters “aDrive” who regularly posts videos and live streams of his shiny hunts and online battling. This video is one of his “reaction complilation” videos composed of clips from his live streams catching his all-too-familiar reaction to finally encountering that elusive shiny Pokémon:

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Why You Should Subscribe to “The Pokémon Company” Emails (and How!)

Something I decided to do fairly recently was create an account at, which is The Pokémon Company’s official “legendary site.” This site is used exclusively by TPC to announce special deals and activities about the many different kinds of legendary Pokémon in the franchise’s video games. Most people are familiar with the fact that almost all of the legendary Pokémon in the series are available in one or more of the games in some shape or form (excluding “mythic” legendary Pokémon such as Mew, Jirachi, and Darkrai). However, TPC often have “events” in which they give away certain Pokémon through different modes such as one-time codes or in-store giveaways. These Pokémon are often special in some way that makes them unique to their in-game counterpart, or in rare cases they may even give away a mythic Pokémon. Continue reading “Why You Should Subscribe to “The Pokémon Company” Emails (and How!)”

Who Am I and What is a “Shiny” Pokémon?

So before I make a blog introducing guides and tips about how to hunt for shiny Pokémon and create the ultimate battle-worthy team for online competition, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and provide a little information on what exactly a “shiny Pokémon” is. This article will give a brief explanation on what makes a Pokémon in the franchise’s many games “shiny” as well as the methods used by seasoned players to “hunt” for these rare Pokémon.

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